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Course TitleNational Tourist Guide Training

Institution Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management, Sri Lanka.

Closing Date  2024/02/28

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Tourist Guide Service is a course that trains you to become a professional tourist guide in Sri Lanka. You will learn how to escort tourists, provide information and narrations about various tourism attractions, and represent the host country in a positive way.

To be a successful tourist guide, you need to have certain personal, intellectual, and professional qualities. These include:

  • Personal qualities: honesty, modesty, dignity, and trustworthiness
  • Intellectual qualities: comprehensive knowledge, strong grasp of the subject matter, good analytical skills, comparative perspective, and continuous learning
  • Professional qualities: communication skills, language skills, leadership skills, organizational skills, posture, eye contact, and storytelling skills

The course will help you develop all these qualities and prepare you for the SLTDA licence exam, which is the main legal requirement to work as a tourist guide in Sri Lanka.

By completing this course, you will be able to offer high-quality service to tourists, enhance their experience, and promote the culture and heritage of Sri Lanka.

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