Operation & Sales Agent - Ministry of Agriculture

"The Foremost Protector of Agriculture"
Agricultural and Agararian
Insurance Board
Ministry of Agriculture
Recruitment of Operation and Sales Agents to Agri Insurance
Social Security Services to the Farmer Community 2023

The Agricultural and Agararian Insurance Board is a State Institution functioning under the
Ministry of Agriculture which accomplish an invaluable service for the advancement of the local
Agriculture Industry by minimizing the risk of local Agriculture Industry through protection of
the economic stability of Farmer Community.

Our Services:

All forms of cultivation insurance
Livestock insurance
Insurance of movable
Pension schemes for Farmers and Fishermen
Insurance of all movable and immovable property of Farmers

Are you active? Can you pursue towards targets? Are you self confident? Join us to march forward
for prosperity by taking a very special step and earning an additional income.

Qualifications & Experience :

✓ Should be a Sri Lankan citizen
✓ Should be over 18 years of age and with a good moral character
✓ Should possess a Smart Mobile Phone and be aware of basic handling
✔Should possess good personality and communication ability
✓ Should have passed the G.C.E. (Ordinary Level) Examination
✓ Experience in the Marketing field or supplying services would be an additional qualification

Responsibilities of the Work:

Making our services popular among the people and effecting promotion activities in order
to fulfil sales targets of the Board.

Planning businesses regarding sales and providing timely reports accurately to the

Providing maximum cooperation to the Regional Management to achieve targets.

To act with understanding over sales promotion and the market ceaselessly.

Supply information required for Management Decisions.

Provide contribution for the promotion and publicity work of the Board


Attractive payments will be made on the progress of your work performance. No basic
salary is offered.

Possibility of earning a monthly income exceeding Rs. 100,000/= on ability.
Reliability built on socialwise by working together with Government Sector.

Possibility of been an additional income for those employed and been a self employment
for non-employed
A free life insurance and a pension for those who achieve targets
Would be an advantage when recruiting staff for the Board
Deploy in service after a brief training stunt of Board activities

Areas for which recruitment is made:

As Agents will be recruited to cover all Districts should apply at Grama Niladhari Division
Could apply as individuals, institutes, societies / companies.
All Government / Semi Government Officers could apply since could work part time or in

Qualified applicants should perfect relevant information from the date of this advertisement
up to or before 28.12.2022 using the Google Link given below. Then post your application to
the following address. Application Forms could be obtained from the relevant District Office
of the Agricultural and Agararian Insurance Board or download from Website www.aib.gov.
Ik When applying by post the relevant post should be marked on the top left-hand corner of
the envelope or by Email chairman@aib.gov.lk The post should be mentioned in the subject
column. Applicants will be recruited by interviews held at District Level.

Google Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf8vwOCmY-zkaiUQVJFRv1FShDe

Agriculural and Agararian Insurance Board,
No. 17, Subadrarama Road,
Gangodawila, Nugegoda.

Further details: Could be obtained from the Head Office of Agricultural and Agararian
Insurance Board (Telephone 0112384000) or Hot Line : 1918

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