Store Keeper, Air Traffic Safety Electronics Engineering Officer Job Vacancies 2023


Job Scope

Under the direct supervision of Manager/ Chief Store Keeper / Stores Officer, maintain the
relevant stores unit. Check and receive items delivered by suppliers/other stores. Notifying
of all excess/ shortage/losses / damage/ incorrect supplies to Chief Store Keeper / Stores
Officer. Responsible for item receipts and all stock issues under proper authority. Responsible
for all transactions relating to relevant stores in accordance with stores procedure of the

Key Responsibilities

  1. Make necessary arrangements to unload the stock items delivered by the suppliers.
  2. Check the items for correct quality and quantity as per invoice/GRN.
  3. Return goods to suppliers (if they are not compatible to the requirement) by raising Discrepancy report.
  4. Collect the items from the receiving stores and detailing the Stores Assistant to enter the receipt of items on bin cards and update the system accordingly.
  5. Report excesses, shortages, losses, or damages to Chief Store Keeper/Store Keeper soon after detection.
  6. Check and supervise whether the stock items are properly stored and arranged a methodical manner for quick retrieval.
  7. Check all bin cards whether they are duly and correctly posted on all stock movements/transactions.
  8. SRN updating and goods issuance.
  9. Prepare all details of used items and hand over them to salvage stores weekly.
  10. Constantly check and compare the physical quantities with bin balances and informing Chief Store Keeper /Store Officer of discrepancies if any, on time and taking remedial actions in consultation with Chief Store Keeper / Store Officer.
  11. Prepare lists of BOS items in consultation with Chief Store Keeper and Users.
  12. Ensure safety and security of all physical custody of stores.
  13. Delegate and supervise the work of all Multi Duty Assistants in the Stores.
  14. Cover up duties of any Store Keeper who is absent at BIA/RMA/MRIA stores.


a. Should have passed G.C.E. (A/L) Examination in 03 subjects.

b. Should have passed 6 subjects at G.C.E. (O/L) Examination including English
Language and Mathematics.

C. Certificate course in Stores Management / or Store Keeping from Institute of
Supply & Material Management or from an institute recognized by T.V.E.C.

d. Should possess a minimum of 05 years' experience as a Store Keeper in a
reputed organization.

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